Registration Forms (Required)

The following three forms must be submitted to secure your child's placement for the upcoming school year. Please submit one form for each child attending MDO.

Note: The State of Georgia requires that all children have a current immunization Form 3231 on file. Your child’s pediatrician can either email a copy to us ( or provide a paper copy at your request.

Confidential Information

This information is for office-use only, and will not be shared outside of MDO.


At MDO, all parents are encouraged to contribute their time and skills to help make our school as wonderful as possible. We are a not-for-profit preschool, so many of our fundraisers and special programs are parent-organized. Parents can volunteer by filling a specific role, by serving on an event committee, or by being generally available when help is needed. Please complete the following form so that our Volunteer Coordinator will know how you prefer to volunteer and be part of our amazing and supportive community.

Parental Agreement

  1. Morningside Day Out Preschool (MDO) agrees to provide education and care for my child during the hours of 9:00 am-1:00 pm from Monday, August 6, 2019 to Thursday, May 23, 2020 except for holidays, teacher work days, and other days as specified in the MDO calendar.

  2. I understand that MDO preschool has been operating as a non-licensed school since January 1979 and has exempt status from the state of Georgia.

  3. I agree to pick up my child no later than 1:00 pm from MDO. If I do not retrieve my child by 1:00 pm I will be charged $5.00 for every 5 minutes that I am late.

  4. I will provide written authorization to allow anyone other than those listed on the information card to pick up my child from school.

  5. I acknowledge it is my responsibility to complete and sign the Confidential Information form (which includes Emergency Medical Treatment Permission) prior to the start of the school year. I also acknowledge it is my responsibility to keep my child’s record current to reflect any significant changes as they occur; e.g., telephone numbers, home and work locations, emergency contacts, child’s physician, child’s health status, immunization records.

  6. MDO agrees to keep me informed of any incidents, including illnesses, injuries, communicable diseases, etc., which involve or may affect my child.

  7. I agree to abide by the written policies and procedures of Morningside Day Out Preschool as outlined in the MDO Parent Handbook.

  8. I have access to and have read the Parent Handbook online or will ask for a hard copy from the MDO office.

  9. I understand that parent involvement in the school is integral to my child’s and the school’s success. The school relies on all parents to give time and talents to the activities that benefit the school, including fundraising events. I understand that each family is expected to honor their commitment to MDO by volunteering for and attending our major fundraising event(s).

  10. I give my consent for MDO to publish in print, electronic or video format image(s) or photograph(s) taken or recorded at MDO or any of its functions. I release all claims against MDO with respect to copy ownership and publication including any claim for compensation related to use of the materials.