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Director's Notes

I cannot believe that it is May and the end of the school year is right around the corner. We have been so busy that time just seems to be flying by.

March was a busy month! We had the Pancake Breakfast, coordinated by Ann Pearman, and it was a huge success. It was so nice to be able to visit with all the families while eating delicious pancakes. Thank you all for attending and helping to raise money for MDO! Then came St. Patrick's Day. The silly leprechaun invaded MDO and caused all kinds of fun chaos. The kids had so much fun searching for the elusive leprechaun and finding the goodies that he left behind. We also had school pictures with Amy Lee from Smackdab Photography. She does such an awesome job! She is an alumni parent of MDO and donates her services to our school. I am so excited to see the all the great pictures that she took of our kids!

Teacher Appreciation week was such a success! Thank you so much for the lunch on Friday the 31st, coordinated by Holly Kurtz. The food was delicious and the classes had so much fun playing with the parent volunteers. Thank you for showing our teachers your love and appreciation for all they have done this year. They have worked so hard to provide a fun and safe environment for our kids to learn and grow.

In April, Jeffini the Magician came and put on an amazing show. I loved hearing all the excited giggles and amazed "Ah"s coming from our little ones. The show concluded with an opportunity to pet his friend the rabbit. From the stories I heard, this was definitely one of the highlights of the show. Spirit Week at MDO was so much fun! Thank you so much for participating and making it such a success. My favorite day by far was crazy hair and hat day. I had so much fun fixing ponytail mohawks and coloring their hair crazy colors!

Final parent teacher conferences are scheduled for the week of May 8-12th for the Sparrows, Caterpillars, and Wonders Classes. On May 22nd, our ballerinas will have their performance. I am so excited to see what what they have been working so hard to learn all year! The last day of school is May 25th!! Please plan to come to Shorty's after school for an end of the year celebration. This is our last spirit day and the restaurant will be donating 20% of sales for the afternoon. I’m looking forward to seeing everyone there!

Have a safe and fun summer!

Letter from the Board Chair

Dear Parents,

Can you believe it's the end of the year already!? If we didn't have Summer Camp right around the corner, I would be panicking right about now. Aria is already looking forward to the awesome themes that Angie and the staff have come up with for June and July - if you haven't checked them out, take a look!

I am thrilled to announce the slate of incoming Board members for next year, which will be voted on at this month's Board meeting:

  • Melody Crowley (Chair)

  • Meredith Kinney (Treasurer)

  • Kim Priest Beaty (Secretary)

  • Mea Matsuoka (Fundraising Chair)

  • Blair Powell (Volunteer & Room Rep Coordinator)

And now, it is time to say goodbye to our outgoing Board members, who have served so passionately and so well for the 2016-2017 school year. I can't begin to tell you how wonderful these ladies have been to work with, and how much I will miss seeing them and their sweet little ones walk our hallways.

Carrie Haight has served as Treasurer of the Board for 2 years, and she spearheaded the research and creation of MDO's budget - from scratch! - when she came on board in 2015. Her unwavering dedication to helping us maintain a budget, track how things are going, and advise the Board in how we should proceed has brought our school to unprecedented levels of financial accountability and success. Carrie and I have served together through many transitions at MDO, and her steadfast wisdom, humor, and clarity of thought have been an immeasurable boon to me personally, at every step along the way. She will be missed by everyone at MDO, and especially by me.

Janna Charoenlap and her husband, Charlie, dove headfirst into involvement at MDO after being cornered at the 2016 Volunteer Appreciation Party. It was their first time volunteering to such an extent at a school, and may I say that they KILLED IT. The "Night in Vegas" auction last Fall was so, so much fun, and their efforts raised $11,000 for our little school. Charlie was a fabulous emcee and Janna was an effortless hostess, event planner, and fundraising maven. It has been such a pleasure growing closer as "coworkers", parents, and most importantly, as friends. Fortunately, Janna lives about a mile away from me, so I can drop by on a moment's notice! Or no notice! I hear people love that.

Lissy Pearson was the first person to sign on for this year's Board, about a year ago last month. She breezed in with smiles and excitement and elevated the mood of every Board meeting. Her lighthearted attitude and confidence inspired many parents to volunteer at MDO; without her mindful insights, perpetual enthusiasm, and hard work, this year would not have seen the significant rise in parent involvement and morale that it did. Perhaps most impressive is that Lissy did all of this while pregnant, and recently with a newborn! Such grace and capability is an inspiration to us all. Thank you so much, Lissy; Colorado's gain is MDO's - and my - great loss.

Viri Graham stepped up in a big way last Fall when our previous Secretary had to leave for personal reasons. Viri had just moved to Atlanta and had barely begun to immerse herself in MDO when the call to serve found her, and just like that, she bounded to the occasion. I had never met Viri before when she came to my house for the year's second Board meeting, but within seconds I knew she was going to be amazing. She has been a brilliant source of ideas, encouragement, humor, and strength. Every time help has been needed - to set up for an event, or to bring coffee to teachers, or for any of myriad things - Viri has jubilantly volunteered. I look forward to stalking you about town to make sure we stay in each other's lives.

THANK YOU to all of our volunteers - coordinators, event helpers, room reps, and all those who donated time and energy to our school. I am so proud of our community and the fervor, compassion, and joy it inspires in parents. What a sweet place we have found for our children.

Finally, everyone is invited to our annual End of Year Celebration on the last day of school! Join us at Shorty's Pizza on North Druid Hills Road after pick-up for delicious wood-fired pizza, gastro pub eats, and cake as we celebrate another great year at MDO.

See you all this Summer and Fall!

Melody Crowley
Chair, Board of Directors

Farewell from the Outgoing Board Members

MDO has been a wonderful place for Frances and our family. I want to thank the teachers and staff, the parents, and my fellow board members (past, present, and future) for working so hard to create a fun, caring, and nurturing environment. We have made great friends and will miss attending MDO next year. 

- Carrie Haight, Outgoing Board Treasurer

MDO has been the perfect place for our family, and we will miss it dearly next year. Alice has grown and learned so much and loves her friends. Charlie and I have had a great experience volunteering this year. Thank you to all of the parent volunteers, teachers, staff, and board members that work so hard to make MDO a wonderful place! We're sad to leave, but know that this school is in good hands. We wish you all the best, and hope to see you on the playgrounds!

- Janna Charoenlap, Outgoing Board Fundraising Chair

It has been such an honor to serve on the Board of Directors this past year. The friendships I have made while supporting this wonderful school will be life long, and I feel so fortunate to have worked with so many of you. Thank you for helping make this school year so successful and for donating your time and resources so willingly; it is truly because of parents like you that our school is able to flourish. We are going to miss MDO in the fall, thank you again to all the families, teachers and friends for showing our family so much love and kindness, it sill be forever cherished. 

- Elisabeth Pearson, Outgoing Board Volunteer & Room Rep Coordinator

I can't believe it's the end of the year already! It seems like we were just walking Seamus and Miles into Ms. Catherine's class for their first day. I loved everything about MDO, and will incredibly miss not being back next year! We wish all of the families, old and new, the best here at MDO! See you this summer! 

- Viri Graham, Outgoing Board Secretary

Welcome to MDO!

The Sprouts welcomed a new friend, Walker in April. Welcome Walker and family! 

Summer Camp

This summer at MDO is going to be so much fun! Here is the Summer Camp schedule:  

   Session 1 - Buggin' Out              Session 2 - Animal Safari                 Session 3 - Water,
       June 5-9, June 12-16                 June 19-23, June 26-30                 Water, Everywhere
                                                                                                                    July 10-14, July 17-21,
                                                                                                                July 24-28

Class Notes

Sweet Peas

The Sweet Peas had fun playing outside & are learning how to share! The overwhelmingly favorite toy this Spring is definitely the stacking cups.


The Sparkles had the most fun chasing the leprechaun, and even spotted his footprints in the hallway with Ms. Jenna. They also helped create the bulletin board in March with the Sprouts.


The Sprouts had fun making the bulletin board with the Sparkles, playing outside & taking part in the Animal Day during Spirit Week with Ms. Evelyn. 


The Sparrows loved Jeffini the Magician & were perfecting their arts & crafts together. The Spackdab photos were adorable!


The Caterpillars did an awesome job on their bulletin board, and really got into Spirit Week with Ms. Daniela & Ms. Claudia!


The Wonders had a wonderful time painting Leprechans, playing outside, & getting jazzed up for Spirit Week! They loved the dentist visit for National Dental Health Month & took turns brushing the dino's teeth.