MDO Newsletter - May 2016

Important Dates

Summer Camp Sessions:

  • Session 1, The Great Outdoors: June 6 - 17
  • Session 2, Sensational Summer: June 20 - July 1
  • Session 3, Express Yourself: July 11 - 29

Director's Notes

It has been such an amazing spring at MDO!  

MDO Garden Days was a wonderful way for the children to learn about gardening and also to beautify the MDO Playground.  We love this tradition.  Thanks so much to everyone for donating plants and thanks to Chaffraix Rowles for coordinating the event and helping the kiddos plant.  

We also had a visit from Lee the Puppet Guy and he did a really cute performance the children loved.  What a great treat this was.  Thanks to the parents who sponsored this enrichment event via the MDO Auction!

Another fun treat in early May, was an ice cream PSP hosted by Lissy Pearson.   The children had a TOTAL BLAST making their own ice cream with milk, sugar, rock salt and Ziploc bags.   This is a great activity to do at home in the summer too!  Thanks so much Lissy!

It has hard to believe the school year is already over.  It seems like just the other day we were introducing ourselves.  I have enjoyed getting to know everyone.  Thank you to all who helped me settle in as the new Director.    To those families leaving, I will miss you, especially the Pre-K class.  What a great group of parents and children!  

The Creative Movement & Dance Recital was a great way to kick off our last week of school. What a sweet performance.  The girls did a great job!  

We closed out the year honoring the MDO Pre-K Graduates with an adorable ceremony on the last day of school.  Following the ceremony, everyone gathered at Mellow Mushroom for a Reception and End of Year Celebration and Spirit Day.  What a great way to finish a terrific year!  

In closing, I would like to sincerely thank MDO’s outgoing board for their hard work and support for MDO during my inaugural year, especially Melody Crowley.  She was an amazing force in the changes made to improve and modernize MDO.  I am excited to work with the new board for the 2016-2017 school year, another great team of awesome MDO parents!

I hope everyone has a great summer-


Class Notes

Pre-K Graduation

It's Graduation time! I can't believe the time has come to say goodbye. I am so incredibly proud of all the Pre-K students. They have grown so much and learned so many new skills. Through circle time, creative activities and shared experiences they have learned to excel at not only academics, but also how to be good friends to each other. I am so sad to see them go, but I know that they are ready for Kindergarten and will do great next year!

The graduating class of 2016:
Cayden B.
Lochlan C.
Kavya J.
Kaliyah M.
Juan O.
Hudson R.
Silas R.
Shaneil W.


- Ms. Angie

Until Next Year...

It has been a wonderful year at MDO! All of our friends have grown leaps and bounds.  We have had such an exciting year.  We have said goodbye to some friends, and welcomed new friends too. We've heard stories from Ms. Gretchen, made all kinds of play-doh, seen a puppet show, a theatre performance, made delicious snacks, beautiful art, and so much more!

As the school year comes to a close, we would all like to say, we have enjoyed all the time spent with our kiddos. They have all blossomed and grown to become big kids!! We hope everyone has a wonderful and safe summer, and look forward to next year!

- The MDO Teachers

Last Month at MDO

Everyone enjoyed the MDO Garden Days this spring! Chaffraix Rowles taught the kids about planting, and taking care of the beautiful (and edible) garden. 

The Pre-K and Turning 4s classes celebrated Earth Day twice - indoors with art and some feathered friends, and outdoors exploring.

Action shots from the Creative Movement Recital - everyone did a great job!

The Pre-K class took a trip to the Atlanta Zoo!

What a fun way to celebrate Mother's Day! Lunch with mom and a cute bouquet!