MDO Newsletter - April 2016

Class Themes

  • Baby Class - Body Parts
  • Fall 2s - Flowers, Flowers Everywhere
  • Spring 2s - Love and Flowers
  • Fall 3s & Spring 3s - Springtime and Insects
  • Turning 4s & Pre-K - Our Earth and the Solar System

Important Dates

April 4th-8th: School Closed for Spring Break
April 11th: Summer Camp registration opens to the community
April 15th: Play-doh PSP, 10:30am
April 18th-19th: Garden Planting Days
April 19th: Spirit Night at Chick-fil-A, 5:00pm
April 21st: Librarian Visit, 10:30am

Director's Notes

Happy spring!  I hope everyone is enjoying our beautiful, yet fickle, weather.  At MDO we have certainly been soaking up lots of fresh air and playground time.  The teachers use the playground for recess but they also use it as an outdoor classroom.  It’s great that we have such a large and lovely greenspace.

Vermicomposting lesson

In March Chaffraix Rowles hosted a wonderful educational lesson about vermicomposting and introduced our very own worm composting bin.  (Vermicomposting is the process of composting using worms to create a heterogeneous mixture of decomposing vegetable or food waste, bedding materials, and vermicast which may be used for gardening.)  I am sure by now you’ve heard all about the worms, because the children LOVE visiting the compost container where the worms live and feeding them!  The compost created by the worms will be added to our garden soil to nourish the children’s spring plantings.  MDO Garden Days will be Monday and Tuesday April 18th and 19th.  More to follow on how you may participate!

Other March happenings included The Alliance Theater production which was fabulous, and Steffanie and Arndt Hafele made lavender scented glitter play-doh with all of the classes.  It smelled wonderful and the children had a great time pouring in their glitter of choice.  The teachers loved this new recipe and have requested it again. These activities were coordinated by our Co-Enrichment Coordinators Holly Kurtz and Steffanie Hafele. MDO appreciates these moms for their efforts in arranging our special guests.

Also in March after school one day, Susie and I had a great time hosting a Beach Party on the MDO playground for students whose parents purchased the party at the MDO Auction.  We painted shells, hunted for treasures in the sand, played Beach Blanket Bingo, and ate Sand Pudding!  

The Pre-K class enjoying the Reading Nook!

Our new reading nook and play area upstairs is coming along nicely!  If you haven’t been upstairs in a while, be sure to pop up and take a look. We have bean bags, cube chairs, and some fluffy green rugs that look like grass.  The children love visiting the library and lounging about while looking at books.  The funds raised from our pancake breakfast were used to purchase these items so thank you for your support!  If you would like to help us implement future plans for this fun area please let me know.  I have a lot more ideas to improve the space and could use a few helpers, especially the handy or creative types!

As we round the home stretch in the last two months of school, I want to say that is a joy to have gotten to know you and your children.  I am amazed at how the year has flown!  I hope that I will continue seeing many of you over the summer for camp, as well as next year. 

These days of spring are great for outside discovery, nature hikes, messy play, and other sensory experiences.  The kiddos grow up so fast and soon they will have a longer day at school, homework, and after school activities (trust me I have a sixth grader).  So leave the laundry basket for later, pack a picnic, and enjoy these warmer days of sunshine!

- Patty 

Letter from the Board Chair

Greetings, All! I write to you from beneath a yellow blanket of pollen, itchy-eyed and sniffling, but delighted with the tantalizing promises of Spring that blossom and blow outside. We are entering a most charming month at MDO; April is when we hold our Garden Days, where kids and parents work together to learn, teach, and plant in our burgeoning playground garden. A big thanks goes out to Chaffraix Rowles, who not only serves on the Board as Volunteer & Room Rep Coordinator, but has also co-chaired this year's Auction, co-Room Rep'd the Pre-K class, and now has taken on the Garden Coordinator role. I can't wait to see what she has planned for us this month!

I leave you with your Inspirational Parenting Quote of the month:

"The human heart was not designed to beat outside the human body and yet, each child represented just that – a parent’s heart bared, beating forever outside its chest.” - Debra Ginsberg

Melody Crowley
Chair, Board of Directors

Welcome to MDO

This month we have two new students in the Spring 3s class: Rina K. and Kaito O. We're happy to have you here! 

Laundry Fairies

The April Laundry Fairies are the Turning 4s Class. Please see Ms. Lisa to sign up for your turn!

Parent Volunteer Spotlight

Holly K. is mother to Shay Shay and Baby D. She is currently the Co-chair of the Enrichment Committee, which includes asking for donated supplies (bottle caps!), coordinating volunteers for the monthly Play-doh PSP, and helping to set up professional performances for the kids. Her family has been at MDO for two and a half years. 

1. What is your favorite thing to do in your free time? Ha. Free time? Ummm, when I do have free time I enjoy cooking, the gym, traveling, going out to restaurants without children, going to concerts, reading and playing with my adorable girls. 

2. What are your favorite guilty pleasures? Too many! Cheese, E! News, 80's music, and sleeping late (past 9am). 

3. What is your favorite part of being a mom? Watching my girls learn something new and seeing their eyes light up and them smile. 

4. What do you do for a living? I am the Senior Director of Business Development/Meeting Consultant at Meeting Matchmakers, and on the side I am a Pampered Chef Consultant - parties and freezer meal workshops. 

Teacher Feature

Rosario Borda is the teacher of the Baby Class on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Rosario attended college at the Universidad Mayor de San Andreas (UMSA) in Bolivia, earning a degree in hotel business management and working toward a second degree in psychology. When she and her husband moved to American, she also took courses at Penn State. Rosario started working at MDO about ten years ago, and all of her teaching experience has been with her Baby Class here at MDO. 

1. What do you love most about being a part of MDO?  At MDO I feel part of a team that is dedicated to have a positive impact on our children, and I do the best I can to do my part. Altogether we aim to make MDO a safe and happy place for the kids and parents. I enjoy being a teacher at MDO very much. 

2. What made you choose to be a teacher? Through my own children I discovered how much I love to be around small kids. There is something about hearing their laughs, giggles and little words that captivates me, not to mention their little sweet smiles. In our class I enjoy seeing them dancing and singing or reaching milestones - crawling or munching their goodies. 

3. What is your favorite...
a. activity to do with the kids? Dancing and singing. This is a good therapy first thing in the morning to drive away little separation worries. 
b. book to read to the kids? I find myself reading the Hungry Caterpillar to the babies; I must have read this classic children's book literally thousands of times since a copy fell into my hands. 
c. song to sing to the kids? I don't have a specific song that I like to sing, but the babies love starting the day with music, and so do I. 

4. What is something we may not know about you? I was born and lived most of my early years in La Paz, the capital city of Bolivia. La Paz is located on the Andes Mountains at almost 12,000 feet above sea level. I attended Christian private schools, and was educated with family and faith values. Most parents know I am a little shy, but rest assured that my priority is to make our little babies enjoy their experience in my class. I believe that babies need to be safe and happy at all times more than anything else. 

5. What is your favorite thing to do in your free time? I love spending time with my family, especially going to Bolivia to visit my parents and other family as much as possible. I also love walking and jogging. Since I grew up in a city where walking was the main mode of transportation, walking is therapy for me. 

Class Notes


We've been busy in the Pre-K class! In the month of March we learned the letters T, U, V, W, and X. We also had so much fun exploring science. We built and erupted our very own volcanoes. They had such a blast! One of the highlights of the month was definitely our Leprechaun Lunch with Dad. The kids worked so hard filling out questionnaires about their Dad. They were so excited to show off their hard work!

Coming up in April, we will finish up the alphabet with the letters Y and Z. The students are so excited to finish it. I think they think we will be done working after that :). We WILL be done with the weekly letter, but we will still be reviewing the alphabet until the end of the year. We will also be diving into numbers, especially 1-10. We've been working on them all year, but we will spend time writing them and introducing simple math problems. 

I am so proud of all of my students! Since introducing the math and writing centers several weeks ago, everyone has become so independent. I will give them a task and they will sit on their own in the center and complete it without help from me. They are challenging me to give them more things to do, with more complex instructions. I am loving every minute of it! I can't wait to see what we can accomplish by graduation!   

Fall 3s

This month we explored the wonderful world of Dr. Suess. We made red-and-white striped Cat in Hat paper hats, fish bowls full of colorful fish, Thing 1 & Thing 2, and even used chopsticks to fish. 

We are enjoying every bit of the beautiful spring weather! We love digging for coins and jewels hidden in the sand box. Picnics are a fun time for us to enjoy our healthy growing food and the company of our friends. 

Obstacle course day is the highlight of everyone's week! First, we brainstorm on all of the movements and options. Then the kids help me set up the tunnels, tents and big beanbags. Our goal is to deliver all the beanbags home into their blue container before the timer ends. 

- Ms. Kim

Fall 2s

March was such a fun month for Fall 2s. We learned all about colors! We finger-painted with primary colors - Elmo red, Big Bird yellow, and Cookie Monster blue. It was fun painting with our friends from Sesame Street. We also made beautiful rainbows. We put different primary colors on our hands and wiped them across the paper to make orange, green, and purple. The kids really enjoyed this project. They were very proud of the pretty colors they made. We even made special rainbow hands. 

We also got to watch the Alliance Theater perform El Sol. It was very exciting hearing it in Espanol. 

Thank you Mea Matsuoka for coming in to help me give all of our toys a bath. Also, thank you to all the parents donating wipes. We really appreciate it!

- Ms. Evelyn

Baby Class

The Tuesday/Thursday babies make my day every time one walks through the door! Having an almost 9 year old boy and a 6.5 year old girl, I am reminded how short and sweet this age group is. 

Almost all are walking now so getting to the playground and back is always a lot of fun with stops exploring along the way! The babies got a new ball pit, and they love it! They love throwing the balls out at me sitting on the floor, and I toss them back. We talk about the color of each ball and I try to get them to say the color. Emerson (left) likes "puh puh" or otherwise known as purple!

Love on your babies as much as you can because as you know, it goes quickly. Happy Spring to all!

- Ms. Kristi

Last Month at MDO

The Alliance Theater's Performance of El Sol was a big hit! 

Making and playing with Play-doh is always a blast. This month, the kids got to add lavender and glitter!

Thank you Ann Pearman for coming in to do a PSP about Dr. Suess called Dr. Suess Extravaganza. The kids enjoyed the Dr. Suess stories and making Dr. Suess hats!