MDO Newsletter - December 2016

Important Dates

  • December 2: Peppermint Play-Doh PSP
  • December 5 - 11: Spirit Week at Doc Chey's Morningside
  • December 21: Class Winter Parties, 12:15-1:00pm
  • December 22 - Jan 3: School Closed for Winter Break

This month's bulletin board was created by The Caterpillars Class, with help from Ms. Daniela, Ms. Claudia and Ms. Angie. 

Director's Notes

MDO is especially fun every December and this year is no exception!  Last week the Sparrows serenaded me with tinfoil kazoos, I watched the Sparkles and Sprouts paint their own Pollock in the hall and we made some Peppermint Play-doh with Juli St. George and Julie Beaty. I love our vibrant and sweet school!  I also must add, the Teacher Appreciation Breakfast last month coordinated by Holly Kurtz was especially lovely and everything you parents donated was wonderful and delicious.  We are definitely feeling the love and positive vibes running through the halls!

On that note of appreciation, I can’t leave out Janna and Charlie Charoenlap and the entire auction crew for an amazing job with this year’s auction!  The Vegas theme was a hit and everyone had a blast. I certainly did! MDO is so fortunate to have such hard working parents dedicated to making our school the best it can be.  

December is a short month but we’ll be packing in the fun.  Hopefully you have made a date to meet up with friends at Doc Chey's for Spirit Week. It’s a great way to get to know the other families.  On December 21st we’ll have the December Class Parties.  Parents are always welcome, and it’s also a great way to get to know everyone. It's also a good time to plan some play-dates with other MDO families for the two weeks we are off.

A few reminders….with the cooler temps I want to remind you to dress the kiddos warmly as classes will be going outside on days that it’s not raining...and boy has it been raining!

Also the germs are flying wild right now so be sure to wash hands, sanitize regularly, make sure your children get plenty of sleep, and please monitor them for symptoms before you drop them off at school.  Hint:  If your child is excessively sleepy or fussy it might be a good idea to check for fever.  Please review the Wellness / Illness Policy in the Parent Handbook.

One last thing, we’ll have Parent/Teacher conferences for the 2s and 3s in early January.  A conference sign-up will be outside the classroom doors before we leave for Winter Break.

Wishing everyone fun times with your family and friends this December and a wonderful holiday season! 

- Patty

Spirit Week at Doc Chey's Morningside

Be sure to visit (and tell everyone you know to visit) Doc Chey's in Morningside this week. Any diners that say they are supporting MDO will earn the school money. Visit anytime between 12/5 and 12/11! 




The December Laundry Fairies are the Sprouts! If you are a Sprout parent, see Ms. Evelyn to sign up for laundry duty! 

Parent Volunteer Spotlight

This month's spotlight is Zoe Mayers. She and her family have been with MDO for four years now, since her daughter was 1! 

How have you volunteered for the school? I wanted to jump right in, so I started volunteering right away. I have helped with the Auction, marketing, the playground, and of course MDO spirit wear this year. 
What is your favorite thing about MDO?  The diversity of the kids and parents. I really love looking at the class photos and seeing a rainbow of kids. 
What is your favorite part of being a parent? Sleeping. Just kidding. I love seeing my two kids grow up together and be best friends. I didn't have a sibling friend as a kid. 
What do you like to do in your free time? I teach a bootcamp class at 6am in Piedmont Park. Anyone interested? hee hee
What's your favorite guilty pleasure? I wish I could binge watch Netflix shows at night but I just don't have time anymore. So I'll settle for my nightly scoop of ice cream while watching NBC Nightly News after the kids are asleep.

Parent Volunteer Shoutout

Special thanks to Julie Beaty and Juli St. George for coming in to help the kids make Peppermint Play-doh this month! 

Welcome to MDO

This month we had two new friends joins us. Welcome Amelia (Sparrows) & Walker (Sweet Peas)!

Class Notes

Art with Ms. Lilia

The children have really enjoyed art with Ms. Lilia! They had a great time making the beautiful canvases and chairs for the auction.  Their handy work combined with Ms. Lilia's artistic talents raised $800 for MDO!  

Hopefully by now you have seen the wonderful "ALL ABOUT ME" project in the hall. It was your donated bottle caps that helped make the piece.  Every student and teacher is featured! Thank you for the donations.  Please keep them coming.  Ms. Lilia has more cap art ideas and the teachers use them all the time.

Ms. Lilia's current project is weaving.  The children will do all sorts of weaving projects and their art pieces will be displayed at MDO.   They are taking to it quite well!

Sweet Peas

These babies are always full of smiles! They love to learn and play with other Sweet Peas and big kids too!



The Sparkles had a busy November! Not only did they attend the exercise PSP (taught by their very own Samantha aka Theo's Mommy), but they also played with shaving cream, painted art for their classroom and worked with the Sprouts on an art project in the hallway.



The Sprouts have been busy learning and creating, too! They had fun with the exercise PSP, painting in the hallway with the Sparkles, and having inside time on wheels! There's never a dull moment for this fun bunch!


The Sparrows worked on fine motor skills in November - stringing beads, painting, and even learning how to change a diaper! They realized it's harder than it looks :). 


Anna Cross (Ben's mom) brought in some tweezers that the kids LOVE. They use them to pick up pieces of cork, recycle tops, and pom poms. They are good to sort things by color, counting, and for hand coordination and concentration which is very important for this age. The Caterpillars worked on the December bulletin board; they made mittens, snow flakes, and a big snowman. It looks great!


The Wonders class had lots of fun in November. Madison's dad came in to sing songs and play guitar for Show & Tell, they did experiment with ice to see how fast it melts in three different scenarios (ice alone, ice with salt, and ice with sand), and got to create some art with the Caterpillars and Ms. Lilia!

Last Month at MDO

A Night In Vegas! 

The Auction was so much fun and a huge success! Thank you to everyone who bought tickets, attended, donated items, played casino games, and bid on the items at the Auction! 

Teacher Appreciation Breakfast

Last month the parents got to show the MDO teachers and staff how much we appreciate them! Thank you to all the parents who helped by bringing food, gifts and watching the classes while the teachers enjoyed a break! 

Exercise PSP

Samantha (Theo's Mom) helped the kids exercise and have fun with last month's PSP. We know our kids need to get their wiggles out with all of the cold and rainy weather we have right now, so this was the perfect activity for them!